Chilu´s Champions


1)SE UCH, DK UCH,Chilu´s Ginny Weasley         

2)SE UCH, Chilu´s Princess Leia

3)NO UCH, DK UCH,Chilu´s Goodniht

4)C.I.B, DK V-12, NOR UCH,Chilu´s Black Label

5) SE UCH. Flachline´s Rocotillo Hot Pepper

6) SE UCH, Chilu´s God Morning

7) SE UCH, Chilu´s Jr Jack

8)SE UCH, Chilu´s Linus

9)NO UCH  Chilu´s Klöver Dam

10)NO UCH Chilu´s Hjärter Dam

11)SE UCH, DK UCH,Chilu´s Rex

12)SE UCH, DK UCH, Chilu´s Black Beauty

13)SE UCH, Chilu´s Princess Leia

14)SE UCH, Chilu´s Hades

15)SV-09 Chilu´s Cruella De Vill

16)SE UCH, Chilu´s Jason Stackhouse

17)NORD UCH, Chilu´s Ron weasley

18) SE UCH Chilu´s Tindra

19) NO UCH, Chilu´s Hjärter Dam

20) CIB DK VV-14 NORD UCH Jo-Jo lamleh Von Verles Ricko

Expoterade hundar,

Thank you for having ensured that these dogs become qualified

 NO UCH Chilu´s Hjärter Dam Owner, Litomadas Kennel



Köpta,Importerade Hundar till kennel Chilu´s

Buy, Imported dogs to kennel Chilu's

SE UCH, Flachlines Rockotillo hot Pepper

C.I.B, DK VV-14, NORD UCH, Jo-jo Lamleh Von Verles Ricko